This is Lanzhou

Gansu Provincial Museum, founded in 1956 and located in Lanzhou, is the most impressive museum in all of Gansu Province and contains 350,000 pieces of priceless cultural relics with vivid historical and ethnic traces to them.
The 100-li (50, 000-meter) Scenic Zone along the Yellow River was created over the past few years for visitors and local citizens to entertain and travel across Lanzhou.
The Yellow River Mother Sculpture, regarded as one of the best sculptures depicting the mother river of Chinese civilization, is located on the southern bank of the Yellow River in Lanzhou.
Red Pea Gruel (huidouzi in Chinese), is one of the city’s most typical traditional snacks. The sweet red-brown dessert is made from peas, dates and other spices. The nutritious and delicious gruel is very popular among local citizens and tourists alike.
The Maqu Yellow River Shouqu Prairie, picturesque Sangke Prairie, Zoige marsh wetland and beautiful Jiuzhaigou are all charming attractions along the route.
The exquisite lake -- Qinghai Lake, a golden rape flower sea in Menyuan, a haven for wild animals -- kekexili and the Tanggula Mountain are all scenic spots along the journey.
Splendid Danxia landform in Zhangye, Dongfeng Aerospace City in Jiuquan, magnificent Jiayuguan Pass and the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang are all tourist sites along the road.